We help clients carry out their operations
efficiently, quickly and hassle-free.

Strana aims to help you find the best talent in a job market that is constantly changing. Innovation, knowledge of the market, a human approach and true devotion to the success of businesses are at the heart of our actions.

Our Mission

Through our fast and flexible approach, create a dynamic link between qualified talent, educational institutions and our clients, spreading employment opportunities to meet the changing needs of the labor market.

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Our Vision

Become the first partner of industrial customers for permanent and temporary recruitment solutions in operations, maintenance, construction and engineering.

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Our Values


We strive to work hand in hand with each client and candidate to meet everyone’s needs and aspirations. By listening carefully and applying our knowledge, we align our efforts with your requirements to find the best solution, with everyone’s success at heart.


We work through simple and clear processes to give you peace of mind in your partnership with us. Our communications focus on sharing accurate information, without concealment, in order to foster mutual trust. Our information is as open and accessible as the codes, laws and requirements of each client or candidate allow.


We understand that each situation is different and can adapt to offer quality services to each person we meet. Agile and efficient, we can quickly adjust to changes prescribed by the environment.

Audrey Lachapelle

Talent acquisition advisor

Region: Canada

Over 15 years of staffing experience.

Role: Interviews, coordination with clients, follow-up with resources and clients, resume analysis, business development.


Mélanie Lachapelle

Team Leader - Talent acquisition

Region: Quebec

Over 20 years of experience in industrial recruitment.

Role: Interviews, client coordination, resource and client follow-up, resume analysis, business development.


Bernard Dionne

General Manager

Over 15 years of industrial engineering experience as an engineer, project manager and discipline manager.

Role: Business development, management, client coordination, follow-up with resources and clients, resume analysis.

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The Strana Difference

Why Strana Talent Inc.?

Coaching of our resources; expertise in various engineering disciplines; offices across Canada.

  • Subsidiary of

    GCM Consultants is a firm with over 30 years of experience. You can rely on the 500 dedicated professionals comprising the GCM team to provide supervision and training for our resources when needed.

  • Our expertise

    We have expertise in information technology and in all the following engineering disciplines: Process, Structure, Buildings and Data Centers, Instrumentation and Control, Automation, Sustainable Development and Innovation, Design and Specifications, Validation, Infrastructure, Environment, Mechanical, Operational Safety Management and Electricity.

  • Offices Across Canada

    Offices in Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, Varennes, Amos, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Regina, Calgary, Fort McMurray and Saint John (NB).