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For candidates, we help you find a job or a mandate that meets your aspirations.

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Who is Strana ?

Our objective :
To assist businesses operating in the industrial sector.

Thanks to our industrial focus and exclusive experience, we understand the problems and challenges faced in the production sector and are able to quickly find exceptional candidates who are perfectly suited to your needs.
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Our Corporate Values


We strive to work hand in hand with each client and candidate to meet everyone’s needs and aspirations. By listening carefully and applying our knowledge, we align our efforts with your requirements to find the best solution, with everyone’s success at heart.


We work through simple and clear processes to give you peace of mind in your partnership with us. Our communications focus on sharing accurate information, without concealment, in order to foster mutual trust. Our information is as open and accessible as the codes, laws and requirements of each client or candidate allow.


We understand that each situation is different and can adapt to offer quality services to each person we meet. Agile and efficient, we can quickly adjust to changes prescribed by the environment.


Strana focuses on understanding your reality in order to find the best talent for your positions.

Permanent Placement

Temporary Placement

Strana becomes a business partner by participating in the employee recruitment process, as well as by bringing our expertise and knowledge to the client.

Strana is the legal employer of the resource. Ideal for temporary contracts, sick leaves, maternity leaves, or special projects.


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