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Client : GCM Consultants
Location : Montréal, Varennes, Québec
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At GCM, you CHOOSE! Remote, hybrid or office?

Why would you come at GCM?

  • High flexibility of working hours where you can balance family, personal life, and work.
  • Comprehensive group insurance plan paid up to 60% by the employer
  • 100% employer-paid telemedicine service
  • Deferred Profit-Sharing Program with the possibility of contributing to RRSPs
  • Leave of absence offered upon hiring for personal reasons or illness, redeemable if not used
  • Diversified reimbursement program (for sports activities, professional membership, home internet and others)
  • Innovative industrial processes, environment, sustainable development and industry 4.0 inspire our projects.

GCM is the leading human-scale engineering firm in Quebec. With a team of approximately 500 people, all our employees are important. GCM cares about the well-being of its employees, and fosters a stimulating and friendly environment.

GCM is also a firm that works on major construction sites in Quebec and Canada in the mining, manufacturing, and energy sectors. For example, GCM has designed pilot plants for biofuels and helped improve the energy efficiency of the process in a manufacturing plant by adding specialized equipment. GCM is on the lookout for the technologies of the future, and we help our clients implement solutions that improve productivity while reducing environmental impact.

Do you dream of being at the heart of the action, of participating in innovative projects where you will have to surpass yourself? Do you want to be part of an inspired organization ready to do anything for you to achieve professionally and personally? GCM Consultants is here for you!

Are you a passionate and creative mechanical engineering graduate? Do not wait a single second; come with us to put Quebec genius to work.

On a daily basis you will have to:

  • Participate in designing and executing detailed engineering for industrial projects
  • Participate in multidisciplinary projects
  • Size and select equipment
  • Evaluate costs
  • Define and apply the technical standards required for the project
  • Prepare specification lists
  • Participate in the preparation of specifications, drawings, and calls for tender
  • Participate in internal improvement projects
  • Conduct field visits (factory and site)


  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Internship and/or employment experience in heavy industry and/or factory (asset)
  • Bilingual (French and English, spoken and written)
  • Member of the professional engineering association of the province (OIQ)

You are the one we are looking for if you:

  • Possess Leadership qualities
  • Are client-oriented, autonomous, and creative in finding solutions
  • Can demonstrate the ability to quickly converge on a problem solving strategy
  • Have team spirit and are able to work independently to meet deadlines, objectives, and goals
  • Have a strong sense of organization, time management skills, and a keen attention to detail
  • Have strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Are an inspiring person who takes pleasure in their work

Type : Permanent full time
Available offices : Montreal, Varennes or Lévis



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The Strana Difference

Why Strana Talent Inc.?

Coaching of our resources; expertise in various engineering disciplines; offices across Canada.

  • Subsidiary of

    GCM Consultants is a firm with over 30 years of experience. You can rely on the 500 dedicated professionals comprising the GCM team to provide supervision and training for our resources when needed.

  • Our expertise

    We have expertise in information technology and in all the following engineering disciplines: Process, Structure, Buildings and Data Centers, Instrumentation and Control, Automation, Sustainable Development and Innovation, Design and Specifications, Validation, Infrastructure, Environment, Mechanical, Operational Safety Management and Electricity.

  • Offices Across Canada

    Offices in Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, Varennes, Amos, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Regina, Calgary, Fort McMurray and Saint John (NB).