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Client : GCM Consultants
Location : MontréalQuébecCanada
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Reporting to the Engineering Vice-President, the Corporate Manager of GCM’s Mechanical Group is responsible for the performance and planning of the mechanical discipline’s engineers and technicians. He or she supervises the mechanical team to support the projects of the three business units of the company: Chemicals and Manufacturing, Mining and Metals, and Energy.


With more than 60 engineers and technicians, including managers and assistant managers, the mechanical team is the largest technical team at GCM Consultants. The performance of this team is central to good project performance and corporate client satisfaction. The Mechanical Corporate Manager works in partnership with the VP of engineering and their team of managers to develop and implement the team’s medium and long-term vision.


The Mechanical Corporate Manager demonstrates credibility and technical leadership both internally and externally. S/he inspires confidence in our clients, project managers, employees, and potential resources. S/he has the courage to intervene and acts ethically, empathetically, and in line with company values.


In addition to the above, the Mechanical Corporate Manager is responsible for managing the department’s overall competencies as well as for planning individual development. In partnership with the mechanical management team, s/he will be responsible for allocating the department’s training budget, preparing and promoting internal training, and encouraging continuous improvement and technical excellence.


In concert with their managers and assistant managers, the Mechanical Corporate Manager is responsible for:

  • Implementing and monitoring an action plan in line with the medium and long-term vision.
  • Encouraging the technical and human commitment of their resources through leadership.
  • Ensuring resource planning and workload distribution for the mechanical team.
  • Monitoring and taking action on the technical and financial performance of the mechanical team according to the KPIs identified in their dashboard.
  • Approving project work plans.
  • Monitoring and acting on project performance.
  • Being technically involved in projects when required for the good of the project or its resources.
  • Organizing and supervising internal development activities.
  • Participating in business development.
  • Providing technical coaching and training.
  • Ensuring the quality of deliverables.
  • Preparing and verifying service proposals and fee estimates.
  • Ensuring the follow-up of the quality management system by the department’s resources.
  • Participating and following up on performance reviews of their resources.
  • Identify hiring needs according to order book forecasts.
  • Participating in the annual salary review process.
  • Participating in the interview and selection of candidates. Approving all hiring for the department.
  • Defining and monitoring resource development plans based on departmental needs.
  • Supervising the development of resource competencies, including internal and external training needs.




  • Minimum 15 years experience as a mechanical engineer in industry.
  • Minimum 5 years experience in engineering team management.
  • Experience in project management, an asset.
  • Experience in consulting engineering, an asset.
  • Spoken and written languages: French and English.


Description of Skills:

  • Strong technical interest.
  • Ability to converge quickly in problem solving.
  • Ability to communicate and work as a team.
  • Inspirational leader who enjoys their work.


With our flexible work policy, GCM wants to offer many possibilities to our employees. Our desire is to offer the best environment for our resources depending on their needs, whether it’s working from home or from the office. We want our employees to have a better-balanced work-family life by offering a flexible solution to work organization.

Type : Permanent full time
Office : Montreal, Quebec City, Regina, Calgary, Saint John, Varennes, Fort McMurray, Amos


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